City Speakeasy combines in-person foreign language classes and immersion events for fun, effective, social learning.

Immersion Events: the City Speakeasy difference

City Speakeasy foreign language classes are instructive and social. We want you to truly grasp the language and its broader cultural context, not just memorize phrases. That’s why we keep group classes small, and why we finish every course with a social immersion event where you’ll practice speaking the language conversationally while you enjoy wine tasting, salsa dancing, or cooking coq-au-vin with your classmates. These events are intended to mirror how you might spend your time while traveling abroad.

Why our students love us!

  • Ambitious fellow students excited about travel and culture
  • Comprehensive, approachable coursework
  • Real-world practice through fun immersion events
  • Award-winning, native-speaking teachers

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Joe Carson (left) and John Matthews (right), City Speakeasy Co-founders and Owners

Why we created City Speakeasy

“We were taking a French class, and saw the need for a more engaging and practical way to learn a language. Our fellow classmates wanted more out of the class, as did we. So we created our own immersive foreign language classes, combining instruction with genuine social interaction.”

– Joe Carson, City Speakeasy Co-Owner

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Joseph B.


Joe has always loved foreign languages and began formally studying them at age 12 when he started

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Victor A.


Victor is a native French speaker who grew up in Paris. He teaches Level 1,2,3 French with a focu

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Emily R.


Hi! I'm Emily, your German teacher. I became fluent in German when I was 15, living in Hamburg, G

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Gregory R.


Gregory is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and a recent graduate of Northwestern Universi

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The United States has long been called a “melting pot” for the cultures of the world. This idea is truly illustrated in New York, where people from different cultures and speaking different languages exist side by side everyday. Many Americans are missing out on these cultural experiences simply because they don’t speak the a second language. We want to change that.

Corporate Classes

Great for teambuilding, preparing for overseas clients, and personal growth.

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Whether you’re planning to travel to another country, looking to land an overseas client, or if you simply want to learn something new, City Speakeasy is here for you! Learn privately or in a group with our immersive courses. In eight weeks, you’ll do more than just learn important phrases or brush up on a language you first learned in high school. We can have you chatting confidently with native speakers.