10 Easy Tips For Learning French

How to Learn French for Beginners

Whether you’re picking up a second language for the first time or you’re looking for tips that you can use to become fluent fast, you’ve come to the right place. At City Speakeasy, we offer the best foreign language immersion classes, and we’re happy to let you in on a few of our secrets. If you’re wondering how to learn french language easily, read on for our top 10 tips!

1. Embrace Your Unique Learning Style

If you want to know how to learn French for beginners, stop what you’re doing and take a moment to look inward. While some learning methods may be ideal for certain students, no two minds are alike. Some students excel in a quiet, self-study environment, while others need a more communicative environment to thrive. Do some research about your options (local classes, language-learning software, etc.) before you begin your studies, and find an approach that’s in sync with your unique learning style.

2. Learn the Importance of Balance & Consistency

The next tip on our list of how to learn French for beginners is for you to learn the importance of balance and consistency. If you try to learn a lot of material in a short period of time, you can risk overwhelming yourself — and you’ll likely forget what you’ve learned in the long run. On the other hand, if you spread out your study time too thin, it can be really difficult for you to pick up the language at all. Learn how to balance your studies with your other obligations, and stick to a consistent routine. By setting aside a half hour to an hour each day (that’s strictly dedicated to studying) you’ll be able to make progress at a steady pace.

3. Don’t Forget Repetition!

Learning a new language takes commitment. Not only do you have to stick a consistent routine, but you also have to go back and study material that you previously covered — as often as you can. The more frequently you hear (and speak) these words, the more natural they’ll become. Every time you reach a milestone in your studies, take a moment to go back and brush up on your previous vocabulary set, grammar conjunctions, sounds, and phrases.

4. If You’re on a Tight Schedule, Learn to Prioritize

If you’re wondering how to learn French for beginners because you’re planning a trip abroad in the near future, here’s a tip: focus on your priorities. Becoming fluent in the parts of the language that you see yourself actually using abroad is far more important than trying to memorize everything. Focus on nailing down the necessary language you see yourself using to communicate with locals, including essential vocabulary, introductions, how to ask important questions, and how to interpret directions.

5. Add a Personal Element into Your Study Material

Here’s another helpful tip for those learning how to learn French for beginners: sprinkle some personal details into the material you’re studying! Whether you’re studying with flashcards or writing out comprehensive sentences, adding something personal to your study material will help you remember it much easier. Instead of simply writing out “my best friend is nice”, substitute “best friend” with an actual friend’s name. The human brain can remember a sentence describing a truth or a memory much better than it can recall a string of facts. Use this to your advantage!

6. Create Labels for Household Items

Another way beginners can learn how to speak French is by using their homes as a studying tool! Create labels for your items in your pantry, your furniture, and even the colors of your walls, and hang them around your house. Every time you enter a new room, or interact with something that has a label, say the word out loud. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, create labels that use whole sentences to describe your household items.

7. Never Undervalue the Importance of Speaking Out Loud

Our next tip for how you can learn French language easily is for you to actually speak the language. Even if you’re self-taught, you can watch videos online to learn proper pronunciation, and then speak to yourself when no one else is around.

Once you’ve built up some confidence, check out a French meetup group in your community. By speaking to someone who is fluent in French, you’ll be able to gain valuable feedback about your pronunciation skills, and have the opportunity to ask questions about tricky words and phrases. Don’t let your fear of messing up deter you from trying; everyone starts somewhere!

8. Do Something Fun!

Learning a new language can be fun, especially when you take a break from the books by immersing yourself in authentic social interactions. Here are a few fun and informative ways beginners can learn how to speak French, by putting their budding language skills to the test:

  • Take a trip to an upscale French restaurant and order a meal off of the menu in French.
  • Watch a classic French film, or look for a copy of one of your favorite movies that’s been dubbed in French.
  • Watch a French news segment, or view some other French-language pop culture like the Tour de France, French music videos, or TV shows.

9. Don’t Get Discouraged

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, don’t get discouraged. Learning a new language can be tough, and hitting a road block every once in awhile is completely normal. When the going gets tough, keep going. It may be scary, but stepping outside of your comfort zone could be the perfect remedy for your situation.

Look for opportunities where a beginner can learn how to speak French easily. Strike up a conversation with a French-speaking pen pal, describe a fond memory to your best friend (only speaking in French!), or reach out to a professional for some guidance. As long as you keep putting in effort, you’ll find a way out of your rut.

10. Enroll In a Class at City Speakeasy!

Whether you need a change of pace, or you’re still looking for an ideal classroom-setting to learn in, our group-oriented French classes at City Speakeasy are the perfect option for you. Each of our language classes includes seven 2-hour in-class lessons, as well as one out-of-class immersion event where you get to use your skills in a real world scenario. Explore our calendar to find the perfect class for you.

No matter your skill level, our team of highly-respected teachers will provide you with excellent instruction and individualized attention. Enroll today, and we’ll help you get on the fast track to fluency.

Find Your French

Finding ways that teach you how to learn French for beginners doesn’t how to be hard with these tips! Try them out today and let us know which one worked best for you!