The 5 Best Foreign Language Study Aids

In learning a foreign language, we all know consistency is key. Which is why we give homework recommendations in our classes – to keep you practicing and learning the foreign language you’re studying! But not all foreign language study aids are created equally. We’ve scoured the web(and world) and compiled a list of the 5 most helpful study aids(so that you don’t have to!) that we recommend using outside of class time.

  1. Duolingo

    Duolingo is our #1 pick because of how versatile it is. You can pick it up for 10 minutes while you ride the subway home from work and you can pick whatever lesson you like, which pairs perfectly with our classes. The phone app is great and has functionality like unlocking achievements and tracking your progress, which makes studying more fun!

    “10 minutes a day keeps the docteur away!”
  2. Coffee Break Podcast

    We love the “Coffee Break” podcasts because you learn alongside a native, a teacher, and a student, which makes for a great learning atmosphere. By listening to the native you get a great feel for accents, and learning alongside the student makes you feel like you’re in a class. Just like our classes, the lessons are focused around functional language, such as getting around the city or ordering food from a restaurant. And like Duolingo, you can pop on the podcast on your way to the grocery store or to pickup your laundry. The lessons are generally around 45minutes long but can easily be broken up. Highly effective, highly recommended.
    Coffee Break French
    Coffee Break Spanish
    Coffee Break Italian
    Coffee Break German

  3. Quizlet

    For the “Flash cards” learner, Quizlet is one of our favorites! You can choose your level and subject and take fun quizzes to master the topic. Didn’t pass? Don’t worry! You can retake the quizzes infinitely, and each time will randomly order the questions to assure you actually learning and not memorizing.

  4. Your Surroundings

    Sometimes putting your phone away and just observing your surroundings can teach you lots. Some fun games we like to play are “walk timer countdown” where you count down the walk timer as you cross the street in your language of study. Another is name the colors of cars as they pass(prepare your “Amarillo” in NYC) in your language, or play “tourist” and ask a stranger on the street how to get to “le parc” or “il centro” in your language. Chances are they don’t know, but its fun to do anyway. Use your imagination and there are an infinite number of games you can play with yourself. So take a deep breath, turn off your phone, and stop to smell des roses.

  5. City Speakeasy Review & Absent Packets

    We may be biased, but we do think our “Absent & Review Packets” are a top 5 aid for learning a foreign language. These packets are perfectly tailored to your class and assure you have plenty of recommended homework to keep you busy and fresh until next week’s class. Of course, to access these you must be enrolled in one of our classes. Check out our classes here!

    French Classes
    Spanish Classes
    Italian Classes

We hope these foreign language study aids will help you stay focused and fresh on your language learning journey! We would love to hear about your experiences with these different aids as well as hear any recommendations of your own! You can lets us know in the comments box below!