A New Year’s Resolution Worth Sticking To – Learn a New Language

A New Year’s Resolution Worth Sticking To – Learn a New Language

Every year you say to yourself, this is the year I quit smoking, quit watching television, quit lying on the couch looking at cat pictures. But as we all know, holding true to a New Year’s Resolution filled with self-restraint is the toughest of all. This year, focus on a resolution that doesn’t revolve around self-denial, but growth.

A deep knowledge of a foreign language will enable you to have real conversations with the people you meet when you travel abroad (which, you will this year, right?), make new friends, make useful business contacts, and even find your soul mate.

The Gym Membership For Your Brain

We’re all well aware that learning a language can help to keep your mind active; it’s even been proven that speaking two languages helps to delay the onset of dementia.

Another recent study shows that for every new language you learn, you stave off dementia for about five years.

So why not become a better multi-tasker, boost your memory and attention span while having a bit of fun? City SpeakEasy programs are designed to encourage you to want to learn each and every day, combining in class lessons with immersive cultural events for the ultimate mental workout.

Meet Amazing People

Perhaps you’re planning to head overseas this summer, or a winter escape to round out 2016. Trust us that being able to speak even just a few words of the local language can turn your trip from stressful to memorable. This year, say yes to a once in a lifetime, engaging adventure.

Those who work to learn a language using immersion techniques like ours are able to mix & mingle with other speakers. Even sites like Meetup.com are great options to meet even more language speakers in your area. In the end, actually meeting people in the flesh can seriously improve your confidence in a new language.

Be Social Despite Your Hectic Life

We totally understand the hassle of being a busy professional with little free time on your hands. The beauty of language is you can do it anytime, anywhere, and make steady progress with a few minutes of learning per day. In fact, it’s better to learn regularly in small chunks – you’ll retain more. Our classes are a few days a week, to help you gradually improve your skillset and keep it. Engage with your peers, practice your skills without fear, and have a damn good time doing it. That’s what life is all about, what an easy resolution to keep!

In the end, learning a new language is about becoming a better traveler, living a higher quality daily life, and making incredible new friends along the way. This is the year you’ll finally know what you’re reading on that fancy restaurant menu – fully engage with what’s going on around you and add a new dimension to your personal repertoire of skills. Even if you’re not totally fluent in the local language, locals will appreciate that you’ve made the effort to connect in their tongue. Happy New Years!