Better Than Just Impressing People: Top 5 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

Better Than Just Impressing People: Top 5 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

Fact is fact – at the end of the day, people who speak multiple languages find themselves with mo’ money, friends, and happiness. Take your confidence (and sex appeal) up a notch by learning a second tongue; check out our top 5 reasons why it’s a must.

Be a Better Decision Maker
For one thing, you’ll finally know what you’re ordering in a restaurant. This experience alone is priceless. A recent study from the University from Chicago found that bilinguals significantly reduce their hesitance to draw conclusions. What’s it mean for you? Build more sound financial, fashion, and food decisions just like you build muscle in the gym.

Financial decisions are suggested to be significantly improved when made by those who speak more than one language, thanks to a reduction in emotional rationale. You’ll find yourself thinking more analytically – i.e. put that thinking cap on.

Be More Worldly (#badass)
Traveling abroad any time soon? You’ll find yourself more self-sufficient when you speak the country’s language, granting you a much greater sense of security.

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to go already, locals will appreciate your company a hell of a lot more if you make an attempt to share their native tongue. Enjoy your stroll down the Champs-Élysées with the knowledge that you’re respected, greeted by kind smiles and invitations for friendship. Some of our greatest memories have been shared over a glass of wine, hard achieved accent, and the embrace of a new experience.

Improve Your Attention Span
A goldfish’s attention span is 8 seconds, compared to the averages American’s attention span of 9 seconds – we’ve got some work to do.

The act of studying a second language dramatically boosts your memory and overall ability to pay attention. Northwestern University previously reported that multiple languages trigger your brain to absorb important sounds while simultaneously blocking out the irrelevant ones.

The study provided evidence that bilingualism boosts your hearing while improving attention span & working memory.

Get Your Dream Job
It’s a cold cruel job market out there; why not boost your employability while checking an item off of your bucket list?

The decadent office location in Europe or Latin America no longer needs to be a dream – companies are expanding overseas more and more and are on the hunt for candidates who can network & collaborate while speaking the nation’s language. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd on a paper résumé. If it’s between you and someone else with the exact same experience, we know the person we’d pick.

Once you score the dream job, you’ll likely be making more money than your less worldly colleagues. Studies show that knowledge of a foreign language boosts your annual salary bonus by 2%+ annual “salary premium” – in some cases resulting in 6-digit returns upon retirement.

Become More Interesting
It’s sad to say, but those who speak English as their first language are considered to be far less motivated to learn another language. Become more approachable, live with vibrancy; you only live once for crying out loud! Bask in the glory of an engaging conversation about French cheese, Italian agriculture, Spanish art. When would you have ever had it otherwise?

Next time you’re out and about, prime yourself for your bilingual future. It gets easier every moment you practice; your words flowing more fluidly with each f@!$ up. Order in Spanish during your next taco binge, or snag a ticket for the flick with subtitles you keep talking yourself out of. Finally understand what in God’s name they’re singing about at the opera!

You’ll thank us later.