City Speakeasy partners with!

Exciting news! City Speakeasy has partnered with Lexody to further promote the immersion-based style of learning a foreign language.


Here is a snippet from a recent interview with them:

Lexody: How does Lexody complement a City Speakeasy class?

Joe: Lexody allows the students to use what they learned in the classroom in real-life practical settings. It’s a perfect complement.


Lexody: Do you have any favorite student success stories you can share?

Joe: Definitely! One of our students wrote us a letter from France thanking us because he was out to dinner and felt completely comfortable ordering his meal thanks to our classes.


Lexody: What can students expect to know after the class is over?

Joe: Basic conversational skills.  Enough to go to France, Spain, etc. and ask a local for directions and be able to get around.


Lexody: What is a typical class like?

Joe: 6-10, 25-35 year old working professionals in NYC.  Very welcoming and conversational classes, where alcohol is actually allowed in the classroom, if the students want to share a bottle of wine or something.  A great, energetic, smart and engaging teacher keeps the class learning and having a good time while doing so.

You can read the rest here: lexody blog