Corporate Foreign Language Classes to Make Real, Beneficial Relationships
Corporate Foreign Language Classes

    It’s no surprise the world is now more connected than ever.  The internet allows for the instant transmission of information anywhere on the globe and travel is becoming faster and cheaper.  Businesses are thriving like never before with these new opportunities.  Which leads me to your business, that is – your global business.

    With just about any business able to find some benefit from today’s global business opportunities, the means of communicating globally are ever important.  And while the internet can be a great resource to learn many things, learning a language(how to speak it and how its meant to be used as a form of connection) is lost in the bits and bytes.  Learning a language is a primal and social skill, it needs to be practiced and molded through interaction with other people.  Just as important as the words themselves are the culture and etiquette behind them.  

    In order to truly learn a new language and truly connect with the people you are communicating with, you must understand not only the sentence structure and grammar but the way the language is used for communication and connection.  Humans have a much stronger response when something makes them feel, rather than simply translate to meaning in their minds.  And if someone feels a connection with you, they’re much more likely to do business with you and that it will be a favorable relationship.  This connection can most easily be made through language.

    Which leads me to the way City Speakeasy teaches its group and corporate foreign language lessons.  Our goal is to get your proficiency and communication up as quickly as possible, while teaching you about the culture and way the foreign language is used.  We achieve this by using an “immersion-based” approach, where we speak only the selected language, build around conversation between classmates, use culture to aid our teachings, and tie it all together in an end-of-the-class “Immersion Event” where the students get to put their newly learned foreign language skills to use in a real-life setting.

    By combining these teaching styles we have created not only the most effective and practical learning method, but one that empowers the student to make real connections through the language.  It is the most fun, effective, and practical way to learn a foreign language and our hand-picked, top-talent teachers cannot wait to teach and empower everyone at your company!

    We’ve followed the trend of big business moving down to Raleigh, NC and we’ve followed suit!  City Speakeasy now offers Corporate foreign language classes in Raleigh, NC.


    Further reading on “Corporate Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language” can be found in a great article by Forbes here. To sum up their key benefits of corporate foreign language learning: Upgrades Personal Network, Improves Decision Making, & Perception Is Increased.

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    We hope to begin empowering your employees with the wonderful skill of a foreign language soon!  Feel free to reach out to us at or 212-520-2559 to further discuss your foreign language learning needs.