Italian Language Tips – Easy Ways to Learn Italian

So, you’ve decided to learn Italian, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. At City Speakeasy, our award-winning instructors know plenty of effective language learning techniques, and we’re not afraid to let you in on a few of our secrets. In this blog, we’ll teach you how to learn Italian without breaking a sweat:


Develop Your Vocabulary

If you want to know how to learn Italian the easy way, here’s our first piece of advice: start by developing your vocabulary. Once you have a cache of a few hundred words that you’re comfortable using, you can move onto more complex areas of study, like sentence structure.

Here are a few handy tools that you can use to increase your vocabulary acquisition, from the comfort of your own home: printable worksheets, instructional books, flashcard generators, and youtube videos. To increase your familiarity with newly acquired vocab, create labels that you can hang up around the house. For instance, label your furniture, the name of each room, your non-perishable food items, colors and more. When you’ve memorized the word, remove the corresponding label.


Take Your Time with Grammar Rules

Ask yourself this: do you want to know how to learn Italian fast, or efficiently? If you’re only planning on using your secondary language skills short-term (during a trip overseas, or to impress a potential client) then you don’t have to drill yourself on complex grammar rules. However, if you want to use your secondary language skills long-term, don’t be afraid to go slow. Take your time and learn the intricacies of Italian grammar, that way you won’t hit a road bump later.


Practice Speaking Out Loud

If you want to learn how to speak Italian, focusing on grammar rules and vocabulary will help you achieve a strong foundation. However, at some point in time, you’ll have to go one step further–you’ll have to start speaking the language.

To make your transition easier, don’t wait–start speaking right away. Every time you learn a new word or phrase, practice saying it out loud at a normal, conversational volume. The more you practice speaking, the more comfortable you’ll feel–and with comfort comes confidence. When it’s finally time to use your language skills in a real-world situation, it’ll be a piece of cake.


Attend a Language & Culture Event in Your City

If you live in a big city, take advantage of the Italian-themed language and culture events happening in your area. From concerts and lectures, to authentic dining experiences and wine tastings, the topics of these events are wide-ranging, and they’ll give you a multifaceted look at authentic Italian life and language.

Whether you plan to only attend one event, or become a regular in the Italian scene, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, converse with native speakers, and hone your budding language skills in real-world scenarios.


Learn Among Friends!

Why learn Italian in solitude when you can learn among friends? If you want to know how to learn Italian the easy way, nothing is more rewarding than learning in a group setting.

At City Speakeasy, we offer a wide range of fun, engaging Italian classes, designed for a variety of experience levels. All of our courses take place over an 8-week period, and conclude with a unique Immersion Event where students can practice what they’ve learned in a real-world social setting. Call us today at 212-520-2559 for more information!