What You Need To Know Before Studying a Second Language
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Ever thought about studying a second language?

Read this first.


So you’re a monolingual adult, it’s easy to think you missed the language boat.

You’ve convinced yourself that it’s harder to learn a foreign language as an adult (even though adults and children simply learn in different ways). You’ve even convinced yourself that you don’t have the time to devote hours a day to vocab books (even though language is actually most effectively learned in brief, frequent sessions).

But before you decide to place it at the very bottom of your ever-growing bucket list, check out what’s in store for you if you choose to take the plunge:

You’re probably going to make more money
Learning to speak, read and write in a foreign language increases your employment opportunities – fact.
By enriching your skillsets, you’ll have more freedom to work where you want to work, and as the global economy continues to shift and change, you won’t be tethered to your job. Give yourself an edge in cutthroat NYC with the ability to take globalization in full stride. Speaking a second language in the workplace will enable you to negotiate stronger contracts, close more sales, and build stronger working relationships.

…If riches and workplace glory aren’t enough, recent studies show that speaking a second language can improve your cognitive skills, even those that don’t relate to language at all.

You’re going to be sexier
It’s about time that being smart and worldly became sexy again. A recent study of a popular dating website determined that an incredible 97% of users find multilingualism attractive in a lover. Plus, it doesn’t even need to be a romance language – the study showed that it didn’t matter which second language a partner spoke, only that they spoke more than one.

Leveraging your newfound knowledge of foreign food, music, and culture is certain to attract a new mate. Plus, traveling will be richer than you’ve ever experienced; what better way to start diversifying your love life than with a vacation abroad?

It’s going to be tough
Learning a second language takes dedication, commitment, and it requires a level of discipline that most don’t possess. These skills aren’t just useful for learning a language, they’re also highly desirable trait in life – from work, to romance, to personal growth.

Despite its challenges, it can absolutely be done. Try to keep each language session brief but frequent, with a goal in mind each time you practice. Before you begin anything, write down 10 reasons you are learning a language and stick it to your notebooks! It’ll be helpful to reference when you feel like you can’t quite master that tough grammar rule.

In the end, you don’t need to go at it alone. Everywhere you turn in NYC is a like-minded language craver, dreaming of an afternoon of shopping in a Parisian market, or a night of dancing in a Spanish bar. Our 10-week immersive foreign language classes blend you with other adults aiming to cross off the language of their dreams from their bucket list. Dip your toe in the water, why wouldn’t you?