Student Spotlight: Anneil B.
Student Spotlight on French Student

Bonjour, Hola, & Ciao friends! Welcome to the City Speakeasy Student Spotlight!

We just launched a new Student Spotlight segment on our blog where we choose a student to candidly talk about his or her experience with City Speakeasy.

This semester’s Superstar Student is your friend Anneil!  Anneil goes into his vast background of taking French classes all around NYC and compares his other experiences to his with City Speakeasy.

You can Read it here:

City Speakeasy Student Spotlight - anneil bb

Anneil B and his nephew

I first started learning French at a school in Brooklyn, where I learned a ton, but it reminded me of learning languages in high school (e.g., lots of grammar rules, memorization, book work, etc.). Though I had a lot of knowledge about conjugating verbs in all sorts of tenses, I had a difficult time transitioning what I learned into something that I can use outside of the classroom; it wasn’t functional. I then decided to try another school for French. This school boasted a creative way to learn French with pictures, but after a few lessons, the lessons resorted to memorizing lists of vocabulary words. 🙁 When I saw the ad for City Speakeasy, I was initially skeptical about trying another French school, but I was truly enticed by the idea of using French in social settings.

On the first day of class, I was greeted by the French instructor and a glass a wine. What a great start! Maureen, our French instructor, is probably one of the best language teachers that I have ever come across. Not only is she engaging and exciting to listen to, she has a natural talent to teach. Throughout the course, she has had us act out skits, play Bingo, listen to French music (we even listened to the French version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Frozen), and play memory by matching words with their pictures. Now I know that you have to memorize to an extent to learn new vocabulary, but Maureen made remembering French words fun. I have tried so hard in previous classes to memorize my French numbers, but playing Bingo in French made learning the numbers exciting…in my experience, games and learning go hand-in-hand (I am a former NYC math teacher).

The thing that sets City Speakeasy apart from other language schools is the out-of-class activity that ties with the lesson. For example, we spent part of a class session learning how to order wine, tell someone which color of wine is our favorite and to use French to describe the wine (i.e., color, taste, smell). Then in the next class, we went to a wine tasting in Manhattan. Maureen would then ask us which wine we liked and have us describe what we liked about it and didn’t like about it (in French, of course). I love learning something that I can put to use right away. We also did a swing dance class, where a French dance instructor, Sofia, taught us dance steps in French. That was also lots of fun!     I would definitely recommend City Speakeasy to anyone. My friends have all heard me go on and on about this school because it combines learning and having fun. If you are having fun while you are learning, then there is no need to memorize…learning the language will become natural. So go on and sign up for a class. You won’t regret it!”

– Anneil B.