Go Back To School – Foreign Language Classes NYC

Now that summer is officially over and the Montauk beach rental is closed for the season. What’s next? Hmmm… After you think about all the fun you shared with your family and friends this summer watching the oceanfront sunrises and sunsets, paddle boarding, surfing and having the sand between your toes, it’s time to look for your next adventure and now is the perfect time to see what else NYC has to offer you. If you like meeting fun new people and always looking to better yourself, check out City Speakeasy’s foreign language classes right here in NYC.

The summer may be over; however, the fun doesn’t have to be! It’s fall and this is the time to take advantage of all that NYC has to offer. We live and work in a city diverse with so much culture to be seen, and most importantly, experienced. Perhaps we are not technically heading “Back 2 School” but so many are. This is the time many of us can remember growing up and getting excited about what this year will bring. We can still experience this feeling again too through learning a foreign language at City Speakeasy.

Just imagine improving yourself by learning a new foreign language in just 8 weeks! It is possible through all the fun social outlets you will experience through our immersion and social events. You can sign-up with or without a friend and either way you are guaranteed you will meet great new people.

No matter what, by Thanksgiving, you will have something exciting to share with your family and friends at dinner. They will be intrigued by how much of the new foreign language that you have learned in such a short period of time. Your experience may even encourage a friend or family member to join you in your new cultural adventure. If that doesn’t entice you then perhaps consider what a foreign language could do for your career.

Help elevate your career by signing up for one of the many foreign languages offered at City Speakeasy. We offer Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, German and Arabic. Check with your HR department and/or your company’s internal website to see if these affordable classes are covered by your company. You can do this on your own or bring in a language teacher to your company to teach your whole team. For more information on how to approach your company about paying for your lessons, and all important details, head over to our foreign language corporate classes site!

Right now, City Speakeasy is offering a Back to School Sale which includes $25 off any foreign language class in New York City. Just type in the code: Back2School25 at checkout. This foreign language experience is cost-effective or even FREE if your company pays for it, and they most likely will! So while the summer is past us, you can keep the excitement going for a fraction of the cost of that Montauk rental house or even the price of a few happy hours.

Take advantage of one of City Speakeasy’s trial classes and contact one of the associates that can help answer any of your questions by emailing hello@cityspeakeasy.com or calling 212-520-2559.