Where We’re Hanging Lately – NYC’s Hot Spots to Practice Spanish

To learn a language well, you have to submerge yourself in the culture. ‘Tis time to switch up your study habits and immerses yourself in some true Spanish vibes. You don’t have to leave Manhattan for taste of Barcelona!

Tonight, grab a cocktail and ease them into speaking a language. In order to become a fluent speaker, you have to be willing to lower your guard, make an ass of yourself a time or two, and laugh it off.

Remove the barriers with a little fun on the town tonight- these favorite cocktail, dinner, and dancing spots will help your Spanish to flow like wine.



Time for the liquid courage, kick-start your evening of Española with a cocktail! Duck into Rayuela in the Lower East Side for a Latin inspired drink. We LOVE their Cachaca, with a touch of lemongrass and poblano-dill foam. Plus, the popular spot from restaurateur Hector Sanz is the home of a sprawling tree that arches up toward the second floor, the perfect camouflage as your ease yourself into Spanish flowing conversation. Reward yourself with their not-to-be-missed ceviche trio…

You may even find an attractive companion to practice your accent with. Guaranteed, studying never felt so right.



Ok, you’ve revved your engines with a cocktail, your “l”s have begun to roll with an air of sex appeal. It’s time for a fantastic meal!  For this Spanish treat, head to West Chelsea for a taste of Spain’s Basque region. Pronounced “chi-KEE-toe”, Txikito features Spartan tapas underneath a muy low-key vibe. Quite literally the perfect place to work on your newly acquired Spanish skills (*hint, hint); challenge yourself to speak only in Spanish while ordering.

Don’t forget to feel proud while you speak! When you live in the language, you become fluent much more quickly than if you study it as some kind of thing – this is why immersion language learning works so darn well.

One important note as you browse the menu, if you don’t know how to pronounce something, just ask!


It’s a fact; New York City is the world capital of Latin Music.

Learning to dance Salsa isn’t a must, but it’s certainly a fun way to work on the skills, meet cool new people, and dance your heart out. Bembe is one of our favorite spots for a kickass atmosphere and non-judgmental guests, so best wear your dancing shoes. Trust us on this one; it’s going to be a lot more freeing than you think!

In the end, language is about confidence, relaxing, and not worrying about making mistakes. Shyness & embarrassment cause huge mental blocks to your fluency; fight it! Head out on the town with a goal in sight, and challenge yourself to experience a different culture in your own backyard. You’ll find yourself craving more and more, and soon enough you’ll be one of the regulars.