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Spanish 1 06/01/2017 - beginner

  • Thursdays
  • Jun 01 – Jul 20
  • Midtown - 226 W37th Street 11th Floor
  • Immersion Event : Restaurant Outing


Our beginner class is best suited for those who are brand new to Spanish, or who have studied in the past but need to brush up their skills. 

By completing this course, you will learn how to introduce yourself, describe your family and friends, ask for directions, express your likes and dislikes, and even confidently order at your favorite Spanish restaurant.


How does it work?

Our classes are uniquely designed to be both educational and social.  We’ve developed the perfect balance of in-class lessons and group events to create a fun and immersive learning experience.

At City Speakeasy, we believe that conversation is the key to success. Our welcoming teachers will encourage the group to converse in Spanish within the first five minutes of class.

To ensure our students get direct and dedicated instruction from our teachers, we keep our average class size under 10 students. 


What’s included in Tuition?

·         8-week, 16-hour group course

·         One of our signature Immersion Events, where you’ll have the opportunity to use your newly acquired Spanish skills in a real-life social situation at a fun, educational, teacher-led event.

·         A post-class happy hour at a local bar, where you can get to know your classmates, and order a complimentary drink in Spanish.

·         All of your learning materials are included.  On day one, you’ll receive your textbook and our proprietary City Speakeasy Spanish Immersion Guide.


We know New Yorkers are busy, so no worries if you miss a class! We will make sure you don’t miss a beat by sending you our absent review packet weekly.

One Low Price, everything included

Still have questions? Our FAQ should help!

  • Immersion Pack

  • Professional Teachers

  • Textbook Included

  • Study Materials

  • Immersion Events

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Spanish Immersion Guide

City Speakeasy's Proprietary Spanish Immersion Guide

Joseph Beckwith - Spanish - (You)

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About Teacher

Joe has always loved foreign languages and began formally studying them at age 12 when he started Spanish class. He took Spanish and Latin in high school, and won a summa cum laude award in the National Latin Exam four years in a row. He received his bachelor's degree at Umass Amherst where he studied Analytic Linguistics, Spanish, German, French, Latin, Italian, Proto-languages and the evolution of the English language. He went to grad school at the Manhattan School of Music, where he continued to Study French, Italian and German.
Joe has been tutoring Spanish for 10 years now, and also works as a Latin and Italian tutor, along with teaching English as a second language. He loves to travel and seeing new cultures. He loves foreign language and spends his free time trying to learn new ones, he is currently studying Norwegian and Dutch! He has been teaching with City Speakeasy since 2015 and is head of the Spanish Department. 



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