Foreign language classes for businesses and busy professionals

Why City Speakeasy foreign language classes?

We deliver engaging and effective corporate language classes for businesses of all industries and sizes. Learning a new language can provide a great team building exercise, help your employees become more confident in communicating publicly, bolster your benefits package, and make your team more effective when doing international business. We have a dedicated team of foreign language instructors who are professionally trained for the corporate atmosphere.


Friendly workload

You have a lot on your plate! So we keep the workload manageable for busy professionals.

Varied levels

We can work with groups of all levels to get your team speaking in sync.

Targeted to your business

We’ll tailor lessons to your specific industry and goals, so you succeed in your arena.

Affordable pricing

We’ve worked with companies large and small. We can tailor a package to your unique needs.

All-inclusive package

City Speakeasy classes include top-rated teachers, effective coursework, and an immersion event.

Fun and effective

We know how to make learning a new language enjoyable, so it really sticks.

Conversational foreign language classes for busy professionals
  • Ensure better communication and experience with international clients
  • Invest in your employees, making them your international ambassadors
  • Elevate your benefits package with exciting language courses
  • "By the time I landed in Paris, I had already practiced speaking French in these social situations..."
    Gabriella N.
    "My second week, and I loveee it! Gregory makes learning French easy, fun, and most importantly, comfortable..."
    Massiel G.