Your 10 week course includes one out-of-class featured “Immersion Event” like a cooking class, wine tasting, dining out and more. We take you out of the classroom and allow you to practice your language with your classmates in a real-world scenario while being expertly guided through a lesson by your teacher. As part of your curriculum, you will use all of the knowledge you learned in the prior weeks and apply it directly in real life.

All featured “Immersion Events” occur out-of-class on the same night and time as your regularly scheduled class and is completely included in your enrollment fee!

We also offer Additional Events

City Speakeasy | Immersion Events | Dining Out

Dining Out

Included in all Beginner Level 1 Classes

In our extremely popular dining out “Immersion Event” you will meet your teacher and fellow classmates at an upscale French, Spanish or Italian restaurant to practice and anchor your language skills at a dinner table setting. You can expect to learn basic vocabulary relating to food, drinks and tableware, master general table conversation and even order your entire meal in your foreign language. All the while enjoying a delicious dinner with your classmates!

Wine Tasting

Included in all Intermediate Level 2 Classes

Our wine tasting “Immersion Event” is truly an amazing and one of a kind experience. Located in a secret cellar room of a renowned wine distributor, you will be entirely immersed in an amazing cultural environment. You can expect to learn vocabulary as it relates to wine such as flavors, colors and scents as well as learn related wine-based conversation. Led by a master sommelier, you will also learn the basics of wine tasting then asked to describe each wine in your foreign language!

City Speakeasy | Immersion Events | Wine Tasting
City Speakeasy | Immersion Events | Cooking Class

Cooking Class

Included in all Advanced Level 3 Classes

You’re going to love our savory cooking “Immersion Event” that has all the ingredients to create an unforgettable and incredibly impactful language lesson. You will meet your teacher and classmates at a charming kitchen studio in SoHo and together prepare a delicious shared meal. Your lesson will allow you to translate a recipe, identify food, utensils and cooking instructions all in your foreign language! You will speak the language the entire time while you dice, chop and sauté your way through an immersive and practical lesson. Then sit down with your classmates and enjoy the food you just prepared while continuing to learn and speak your language!

Additional “Immersion Events”

At City Speakeasy, we believe that immersion in a real world environment dramatically shortens your language learning curve and goes beyond just memorizing a language but truly anchors it forever. For those that want more opportunities to apply your language skills in a real world scenario while hanging out with other amazing students, we offer additional “Immersion Events”.

Dancing / Karaoke / Running Club / Improv / Movie Night Book Club

City Speakeasy | Immersion Events | Wine Tasting