Cassandra V.Portuguese

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Gianluca S.Italian

Hi everyone!

My name is Gianluca and I come from Venice, Italy. I have been teaching Ital

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Alejandro C.Spanish

I grew up in Medellin, Colombia where I went to Med-school. After graduating, I moved to the U.S.

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Luca L.Italian

Luca grows up in Varese, Lombardy. After completing a language high school, he decides to move to

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Merry W.Italian

City Speakeasy | Our Teachers | Merry W. - Italian

Merry W. is a native New Yorker who has taught Italian for over ten years in the public school sy

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Alisa C.Spanish

City Speakeasy | Our Teachers | Alisa C. - Spanish

Alisa grew up Russian and English bilingual in State College, Pennsylvania and soon realized that

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Gregory R.French

City Speakeasy | Our Teachers | Gregory R. - French

Gregory is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and a recent graduate of Northwestern Universi

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Emily R.German

City Speakeasy | Our Teachers | Emily R. - German

Hi! I'm Emily, your German teacher. I became fluent in German when I was 15, living in Hamburg, G

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Victor A.French

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Victor Aka is a native French speaker who grew up in Paris. He teaches Level 1,2,3 French with a

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Joseph B.Spanish

City Speakeasy | Our Teachers | Joseph B. - Spanish

Joe has always loved foreign languages and began formally studying them at age 12 when he started

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John L.French

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John has been teaching French professionally since 2011, and has taught at the high school and ad

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