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By the time I landed in Paris, I had already practiced speaking French in these social situations
My second week, and I loveee it! Gregory makes learning French easy, fun, and most importantly, comfortable
At first I was skeptical about online group classes but this was WAY more fun than I thought AND learned a new language too!
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The City Speakeasy team believes that if you're immersed in a language and culture, you'll have a better grasp of the native tongue - which is why they've adapted an immersion-based teaching method. Abiding by this philosophy, classes at the Midtown language school are able to teach students key elements of French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or German in just 10 weeks. The friendly instructors combine immersive in-class lessons with exposure to cultural events, allowing students to hone their skills in a real-life, experience-based setting. Classes meet once a week for two hours for a total of 20 hours of language instruction. While in the classroom, students learn new material through a dynamic mix of grammar exercises, games, conversational application and cultural immersion. Each course includes one immersive event - think cooking classes, wine tastings or restaurant outings to practice speaking in real-life situations. Whether you're planning a trip or looking to boost your career, City Speakeasy will help you master a new language - and make some friends along the way.
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LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! City Speakeasy's program is exactly what I was looking for! You (comfortably) jump right into learning a language from day 1 with other people who are just like you. It's great - I made 3 friends right off the bat and we have our own French events every week to practice before class! (Sometimes our teacher even comes!) The Restaurant we went to for our "immersion event" was amazing and we all ordered in French and continued the conversation en français aussi! I was about to take out my cc to pay, but I forgot it was already covered in tuition! Free dinner in NYC? While learning and speaking French!? Yes Please!!! Best foreign language school in NYC, no doubt! :)
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City Speakeasy is a great way to not only learn a language but to also engage with the language outside of the class room. The students of my French class were around my age and very friendly, as were the teachers of both the French and Spanish classes. The course takes you out of your norm, but in a good way. I never thought I would be taking Tango lessons or going on a wine tasting before enrolling in the class; however, I was sufficiently surprised with how much fun I had during these events. I would highly recommend taking a course from City Speakeasy if you want to learn a new language, meet new people, and/or explore new and interesting things to do in New York.
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This was such a fantastic experience - I took the class to prepare for my first trip to Paris, and the teacher not only gave us amazing lessons in the fundamentals, but also provided stories and examples specific to living in Paris that really helped me get acclimated to the city very quickly. I got to Paris and was speaking with the locals the moment I touched down! I also took a dance class while in Paris, and because of the dance social with City Speakeasy, I was able to follow the dance teacher without much trouble. Fantastic class, can't wait to take the next level!
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I really can't say enough about City Speakeasy and the amazing French class that I took. I signed up because I was going to France and wanted to be able to get around and be able to have a very basic conversation. I have previously taken another language course at NYU and I felt like I learned nothing. Through City Speakeasy's Experience-based system, I learned a lot and was ready for my trip! In my semester, my class and I went to happy hours, an incredible wine tasting, swing dance lessons (which is huge in Paris!) and also out to dinner. My teacher Maureen was awesome! The biggest advantage of these classes are, by the time I landed in Paris, I had already practiced speaking French in these social situations. So I was over my fear of speaking French in public and making embarrassing mistakes in front of my classmates. So in France I was able to confidently speak to the order wine with my dinner, and talk on the dance floor! The other way cool benefit is that you learn all these new skills besides just the language. My friends are all impressed with my knowledge in wine and my new swing dancing moves! The survival guide that they give you is also very helpful for referencing before I went out. If you're going out to dinner, just flip to the dining out page and you'll have all the info you need to order food at a restaurant. It was also useful for teaching my brother a little French while we were visiting! Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend the City Speakeasy French class to anyone! I had an amazing time with my new friends and really loved how they teach French. I am really excited to start French 2 with City Speakeasy!
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I took Spanish in HS and a year of college but was losing it so I took a level 2 class at City Speakeasy to stay fresh. The location, day of week, and time all worked for me. The pics on the site looked cool so I went with them. I was not disappointed. Having some Spanish skills already, I was happy with the conversational(yet structured) teaching style of the class. Definitely helped that my classmates were cool and my teacher, Kirsten, was awesome. Totally got what I wanted out of this class. Moving on to level 3 next semester.
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City Speakeasy is by far the most exciting way I've learned a language. The classes are so engaging and fun! And the best part - I'm finally learning French! On to level 3!
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I've always wanted to take another language but didn't want to go back to school to do it. Thanks to a friend, I was told about a class he had taken at City Speakeasy and had to check it out. It was everything he said it was: fun, exciting, new, and social! They throw you into practical events and situations with a group of like-minded people that makes for a truly enjoyable learning experience. You'd be amazed how much fun learning is when being taught in this style. Half our classes were held outside the actual classroom which really complimented the lessons we were being taught as well as added a social and interactive dynamic. My class was very engaged and our teacher did a great job at picking up anyone who was falling off. I've made many great friends from class and we go to City Speakeasy-promoted meet-up events once or twice a week. The community aspect City Speakeasy promotes is wonderful, you feel like you're part of a team and it makes learning much more fun than doing it by yourself. I came out of the class knowing exactly what they said I would and am very happy with that! Most of the time you're having so much fun you don’t even realize you're learning! Truly unique and fun way to tackle something challenging like learning a new language. Great teachers, great people, great times. I would recommend to anyone looking to learn a new language while having fun and making new friends.
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My girlfriend and I took Spanish at City Speakeasy recently and it was a totally awesome experience! We had a great time in class and learned enough basic Spanish to hold our own in a conversation with the locals on our trip to the DR. We thought the classes looked cool from the pictures but you actually get even more than they show, for example: optional happy hours and other trips. The out of class events and our teacher was amazing too. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have fun while learning a language.
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I've taken 2 classes in 2 different languages(German & Portuguese) with City Speakeasy and I loved them both equally! Seems every teacher that teaches here is a rock star, and you can meet them all at the Happy Hours. Very lively atmosphere that feels like you're part of a little community, right in the heart of NYC. Its great, made many friends here and learned enough German and Portuguese to not only get by, but flourish on my trips last winter! Going to continue on to level 2 and 3, and maybe even dabble in French!
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Had a great time with this class and the other people in it. Half the time I didn't even realize I was learning a language - its impressive what you can learn while having fun. The activities are great and were also a fun twist on the classroom experience. City Speakeasy is a rare gem in the city and really worth checking out.
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As a High School teacher, I know what it takes to keep a student's attention. The teachers at City Speakeasy are so energetic and engaging - my two hours in class are my favorite of the week!
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My wife and I have taken two levels of Spanish with City Speakeasy and it has become one of the nights of the week we look forward to the most! Plus I can speak Spanish better than she can so it's been perfect! :P
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I would definitely recommend City Speakeasy to someone wanting to take an extra curricular language class. I'm currently taking French and look forward to my class every week...really fun people (and great teacher), and fun atmosphere. Two hours feels like it flies by each week, but at the same time I'm learning a lot.
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For the price of a few nights out, I learned a language, explored new places in the city, and made a ton of new friends! Would definitely recommend taking a class to anyone. Merci City Speakeasy!